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Question: 2 show that the units for 2303 rtnf is equal...

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2. Show that the units for 2.303 RT/nF is equal to volts when n= equivalents/mole and F = coulombs/equivalent where R is the ideal gas constant given in units of joules/molekelvin. What is the voltage for 2.303 RT/nF when T=25oC? What is the value for 2.303 RT/nF if T=70oC?

3. Write the electrochemical half-cell reactions for oxidation and reduction during uniform corrosion in the following: (Also indicate if corrosion is possible)

a. Corrosion of Aluminum in air free sulfuric acid (i.e., No oxygen in the solution)

b. Iron in air free acid ferric sulfate solution (assume no O2 in the solution) Hint Fe3+ to Fe2+ reaction is possible due to the presence of the ferric ions

c. Carbon steel in aerated seawater (With O2 in the solution)

d. Zinc in hydrochloric acid solution that is saturated with oxygen.

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