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2. The conversion of a chemical A into a product B is carried out in a closed vessel. The data in the table below are taken for the concentration of A, CA (mol/L), as a function of time t (min). A proposed reaction mechanism predicts the following relationship between CA and t:

L de = expl-kt) C40-C C4-C

Where CAe = the equilibrium concentration of A, which is 0.0495 mol/L, CA0 is the initial concentration of A (at t=0) and k is the reaction rate coefficient. Do the data follow this relationship, and if so, what is the value of k?

t (min)






CA (mol/L)






Using these data:

  1. Add an exponential trend line to a plot of nonlinearized data, (CA-CAe)/(CA0-CAe) vs. t, to determine the value of k.
  2. Linearize the data and determine the value of k using Excel built in functions.
  3. Are the values of k identical? Under what conditions would you expect them to agree?
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