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Question: 2 the mechanism for physical weathering responsible for the landforms...

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2. The mechanism for physical weathering responsible for the landforms in places like Monument Valley is

Abrasion by water

Abrasion by wind

Abrasion by glaciers

Frost wedging

6. Oxidation is a form of chemical weathering to which what compounds are most susceptible?

Any oxide

Any carbonate

Most iron-bearing silicate minerals

All silicate minerals

7. Hydrolysis is best described as

The chemical reaction between water and CO2

The disassociation of the water molecule

Caused by the dipolar nature of the water molecule

The conversion of pyrite to limonite

8. Feldspar weathers chemically to produce which mineral?




Ions in solution

9. Many forms of physical weathering enhance the effects of chemical weathering because

Physical weathering weakens the rock

Physical weathering allows more plants to establish themselves on the rock

Physical weathering creates talus piles at the bases of cliffs

Physical weathering increases the surface area of a given mass of rock

10. An element which tends not to go into solution during chemical weathering and concentrates at the weathering site is





11. High temperature minerals in Bowen's reaction series are relatively

Most resistant to chemical weathering

Least resistant to chemical weathering

Moderately resistant to chemical weathering

Incapable of being chemically weathered

12. Which combination of temperature and moisture will favor the most chemical weathering?

Hot and wet

Hot and dry

Cold and wet

Cold and dry

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