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Question: 2 the ode y1 y is both linear and separable...

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(2) The o.d.e. y-1+ y is both linear and separable. (a) Are there any constant solutions of the form y - C? If so, find them and put the values of C in the box provided (b) Solve this equation using the integrating factor method for a first order linear nonhomogeneous equation. Show all steps! Can some or all of the constant solution(s) from part (a) be lumped together with all these solutions? If not include or y = G or y = G or in the box provided. c) Solve this equation using the standard method for a separable equation. Show all steps! Put the general solution found in the box provided (remembering to address constant solutions if needed). Did you get the same result as in (b)? d) An IVP of the form Py-1+y,y(to)-yo will be guaranteed a unique solution on some open interval containing to) so long as to 0 Explain why it is that with this knowledge the IVP y-1+y, y(1) can be solved without much work (such as the work done in part (b) or (c). Would have it been apparent if one had just done part (b) or (c)?

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