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2. The PC Unlimited Corporation has collected data on the production nonconforming for July. The results are as follows: Preliminary Data for PC Production for July Number Produced Nonconforming Number Fraction Nonconforming Upper Control Limit Lower Control Limit Day (UCL,() LCL,(i)) 245 216 183 152 145 190 237 218 248 272 291 275 248 212 189 203 209 0.0490 0.0648 3 8 4 21 8 25 20 18 10 12 2 17 235 250 4445 19 26 20 267 a) Develop p-chart for this process and plot sample values on your chart. Discuss what you find b) Control limits that vary from day to day are difficult to shop floor personnel. It is decided to use the average sample size n-220 to construct the control chart. Redevelop your p-chart by using this sample size c) The redeveloped p-chart was used in August. Some samples were taken and it was recorded n 247,D 7,231,D happened? 3,n6 -190, D62. Plot the sample values on your chart. what d) These three points are very close to (or pass a bit) the action line. Bearing in mind that the redeveloped chart may have some errors (as we used an average sample size), discuss what really happened

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