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Question: 2 this problem deals with the cars dataset type cars...

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2. This problem deals with the cars dataset (type cars to see what it looks like (a) Report the mean and standard deviation (you may consider the commands mean, var, egrt, and sd) of the Speed variable is the cara dataset (b) Reproduce the following plot, which is a histogram of the speed variable: Histogram and Density of Speed 0 10 15 20 25 30 SpeedYou will be graded on the following criteria: i. The plot includes the histogram of speed, as a probability density (not as frequencies) ii. The x-axis is labeled Speed, the y-axis is labeled Density, and the title is His- togram and Density of Speed iii. A vertical line is plotted at the mean of speed. This line should be blue, dashed, and thicker than the rest. (Note: read the documentation for abline, or check abline.pdf on Canvas) iv. A dashed line of a Normal density, with mean and standard deviation equal to those from part (a). The curve should be red and dashed (different dashed pattern from (iii)). (Note: read the documentation for the command dnorm. The command seq may also be useful) v. The x-axis should go from 0 to 30. The y-axis should be tall enough to see all the curves clearly

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