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Question: 2 use notepad or another text editor and hand code...

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2. Use Notepad++ or another text editor and hand code the HTML and CSS. Do not use an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver in Design mode. The idea is to write raw HTML and CSS code and not to rely on a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what- you-get) application that generates the code for you. 3. Put your CSS in an embedded/internal stylesheet in your HTML document. 4. For the picture of Homer, reference a graphics file of him on the web. I.е., use an absolute URL 5. Write appropriate and valid HTML5 and CSS that, when rendered by the browser, yields a page that appears similar to the one given in the following screenshots:

Homer Simpson Education 1. School of Hard Knocks o Bachelor of Science in Everything o Associate of Science in Web Programmer o AA in Rock Music Appreciation o Graduate Certificate in Television Watching 2. Santa Monica College Specialized in the Black Widow 3. University of California at Los Angeles Worldly Experience Springfield Nucular Power Plant not sure what Im supposed to do Springfield Donut Barm - master tasteür: I like the ones with the pink icing Springfield Pork Rind Factory - senior taster Duff Beer Brewery - taster trainee; supervisor José Antonio González Other Skills XHTMLHTML5 a, 100100

The following data will be posted to my server at homerswebsight.com Username I think, therefore I drink. - Home rism #73 r, supply your own wisdom here, if you think youre so smart not so much Youre OK How much do you like me? a bushel and a peck Submit Reset References available upon request C2012 Homer Simpson Kingdom & Universe, Inc. Top Dohl XOX 6. Save your document as quiz1-3.html 7. Use only HTML5 and CSS. Use no JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, XML, widgets you found online, etc. 8. Validate your HTML using the Nu Html Checker: https://validator.w3.org/nu/с 9. Check your CSS using the W3C CSS Validation Service: http:/ljigsaw.w3.org/css- validator/

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