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Question: 20 20 when using windows file explorer which view provides...

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20 20) When using Windows File Explorer, which view provides the most information at a glance? 10 15 20 O List O Content O Details Finish: Submit for Grading prt sc 0 ←boda
Assessment TookPresentation/frmStudentPresentation.aspxzintAssetID-30000020584819928mode-test&Asset 202 Which of the following is the first step in the boot process? O The BIOS is activated OConfiguration and customization settings are checked O The OS is loaded into RAM The BIOS checks that all devices are operational Next Question 曲#oo 8, 캐 @ hp
Which of the following is the online storage system affiliated with a Microsoft account? ○ OneDrive 。iOS ○ Chrome iCloud Next Question up
Assessment Too presentation frmStudentpresentation aspx?ntAsseti-300000205848 1992&modez test&Ass n Which of the following is NOT a Windows utility program? 20 O Desktop Cleanup O Defragment and Optimize Drives O Disk Cleanup O System Restore :0 Next Question bp
AssessmentTool/Pr esentation/fimStudentPresentationaspxcintAssetiD-30000020584819928mode-test&a ns ut of 20A 8) An application programming interface (API) is 9 10 14 15 19 20 0 the code the application software needs in order to interact with the CPU O the currently active part of an application O the code to interface between an application and RAM the code to interface between an application and a peripheral like a printer Next Question hp
m/Pegasus/Modules/Assessment Tool/Presentation/frmStudentPresentat tID-3000002058481992&mode-test&A 16) Most supercomputers use the operating system. of 20 10 15 20 ○ UNIX O Windows O ios ○Linux Next Question ch
or frmStudentPresentation.aspintAssetiD 30000020584819928mode test&AssetLinklD-300000 17) The of the operating system enables users to communicate with the computer system. O modem O network adapter card ○ window O user interface Next Question
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