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Question: 20 northsouth street b runs eastwest and street c enters...

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(20 north-south, Street B runs east-west, and Street C enters the intersection from the southeast. Street A is quite busy, and it is frequently difficult for cars heading south on A to make the left turn onto either B or C. In addition, cars rarely enter the intersection from Street C. Design a traffic light state diagram for this three-way intersection to the following specifications: . There are five sets of traffic lights, facing cars coming from A north, A south, B east, B west pts.) Consider the following variation on the classical traffic light controller. Street A runs and C southeast, respectively. The red, yellow, and green lights facing cars from A north are augmented with a left turn arrow that can be lit up as either green or yellow or not lit up at all . The normal sequencing of lights facing the cars coming from A north is arrow green, arrow yellow, traffic light green, traffic light yellow, traffic light red, and repeat. In other words, the left arrow light is illuminated in every complete cycle of the lights. However, it should be possible for traffic going from north to south on Street A to cross the intersection even when the left turn arrow is illuminated. Therefore, the traffic light green should also be illuminated while the turn arrow is lit up Cars traveling from south to north on Street A (and all directions on B and C Streets) must see a red light while the left turn arrow is illuminated for the traffic heading south. A car sensor C is embedded in Street C to detect whether a car is waiting to enter the intersection from the southeast A timer generates a long interval signal TL and a short interval signal TS when set by an ST signal. . .Red and green lights are lit up for at least a TL unit of time. Yellow lights, the green arrow, and the yellow arrow are lit up for exactly a TS unit of time. The Street C lights cycle from red to green only if the embedded car sensor indicates that a car is waiting. The lights cycle to yellow and then red as soon as no cars are waiting. Under no circumstances is the Street C green light to be lit for longer than a TL unit of time Draw an ASM chart for the traffic light controller
Indicate the logical conditions for remaining in the current state and for exiting it to state. Also, create a table that indicates precisely which lights are iluminated for ead states. te North Left Turn Path Light as Seen from All other Directions Traffie lights face cars traveling in the direction of the arrows Light as Seen from Street A North Heading South
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