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20. What is homeostasis? a) A state of stability apd balance b) A series of changes that calm the body? c) The fight or flight response d) Short term stress 21. Which statement is trae about the Autonomic Nervous System? a) It controls voluntary, conscious functions like digestion. b) The stress response begins at the cerebral cortex in the front of the brain. c) It has two branches the sympathetic and unsympathetic. d) The parasympathetic branch is responsible for the stress response. 22. Which is true about Type A Individuals? a) They are less driven than B individuals. b) They are prime candidates for stress related illness. c) Hostility is key in achievement oriented and successful people d) They represent a small portion of its population. 23. Which statement is false about stress and health? a) Stress plays a role in 80-85% of all human illness. b) Stress decreases immune function. c) It causes increases in heart rate and blood pressure. d) Gastrointestinal problems have conclusively been shown to be stress related
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