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200 Sand and Gravel Unit Weight 135 lb 188 t Clay Unit Weight-117 lb/t 172t Gravel and Sand Unit Weight -136 Ib Given: A sample of normally consolidated clay was obtained by a Shelby tube sampler from the midheight of a compressible, normally consolidated clay layer as shown in the soil profile below. Consolidation test was conducted on a portion of this soil, and the initial void ratio is 1.800 with a compression index of 0.32. A footing that is 6 ft square is to be constructed 10 ft below the ground surface. The footing exerts a total load of 185 tons, which include column load, footing weight, and weight of soil surcharge on the footing. Required: Determine the void ratio (provide 3 decimal places) after primary consolidation settlement, at a point directly under the centre of the footing.
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