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2000b. 0 2 36 3 4 4 12 C.9 2001B 31lb. 20 100 300 lb. Figure 1. Schematic of leg and (inset) 200 pound man3. A 200 pound man stand on his right foot while holding a 100 pound object in his left hand, which is a horizontal distance of 12 inches from his center of mass as shown in Figure 1. The hip abductor muscle group acts on the greater trochanter with a force of M (for muscle) at an angle of 71°. The hip joint exerts a reaction force J (for joint) that has x and y components Jx and Jy, respectively. The mans weight acts at his center of gravity as shown in the figure. Relevant dimensions of the leg and hip are based on x-ray imaging and are shown. The configuration of the bones under this loading is based on experimental measurements. The weight of the right leg is 31 pounds and acts at its center of gravity (labeled c.g.). a. Determine the x location of the resultant force R of the combined weight of the man and the object acts. Hint: what free body diagram will let you answer this? ls this a two or three force member? Determine the muscle force M. Hint: you may want to use a different free body diagram than you used in part (a). Determine the components of the force at the hip joint, Jx and Jy b. c.

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