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2.2 Each extra worker produces an additional unit of out- put up to six workers. As more workers are added, no additional outputis produced. Draw the total product 0of labor, average product of labor, and marginal prod- uct of labor curves in a graph similar to Fioun
labor, and the figures are smooth employing a worker for a ble Labor ont woroint A is the average product of labor for workers. comcustroduct of labor curve shoh eight computers, q. can be RE 5.1 Production Rela line. wi Bl. the tof computers assembled icient and is thus no hein abl ignt-hour days nd point 8). the Tos that SUCthe prigin he total product of labor Curvewith Cima workbencheseight-houexr mbied umn 5 of Table 5.1) curve, the AP must rise Q/ wokers, L who work e where assem s a ry, if the MP, curve is below the AR curve s Where the marginal product of ve the average product of labor (APe prod, of f workers ns 2 and 3 in Table 5.1). Where able te urvtn A must fall. Thus, the MP curve intersects te thye e Ap he duce the number du at the peak of the AP curve, point b,whar dthe firm uses six workers. d line, which indicates nction. The slope of the line from the of the lne sepeoforpor of the produc- c Total product 90 Slope of this line 906 15 6 L, Workers per day g 20 15 a Average product, APL Marginal product, MP L, Workers per day
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