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Question: 22 for the points p q and r the following...

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2.2 For the points P, Q and R the following location vectors are given, respectively The force vector F 2Ex acts on point Q Xa XP (a) Calculate the moment of the force F with respect to point P and with respect to point R. (b) Write the vectors, mentioned above, in column notation according to the right-handed orthonormal basis {ex-EyRA and calculate the moment of the force with respect to the points P and R by using Eq. (1.35)

Using the properties of the basis vectors of the Cartesian vector basis 弘5- 1.33) the vector product of a vectra and a vector b is directly computed by means of = (@ybl-@gbyJ&+ (az br-ar&art (Azby_ay b)民, 1.34) If by definition ãx B, then the associated column c can be written as:

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