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22. In a delta where sedimentation i (a) distributary channel mouth bars (b) point bars (c) country and western bars (d) barrier islands (e) sheets 23. In a delta where deposition is strongly controlled by longshore drift the preponderance of sand bodies will be found...? (a) downwind (b) upwind (c) in deeper waters offshore (d) symmetrically distributed about the river channel mouths (e) both (c) and (d) 24. What type of delta will typically form on a sheltered shoreline? (a) cross bed dominated (b) mud dominated (c) sand dominated (d) river dominated (e) wind dominated 25. When a transgression occurs what type of depositional sequence will form in a delta? (a) uniform grain size (b) fining upwards (c ) fining downwards (d) alternating grain size (e) none of the above 26. Which of the following is a potential barrier to fluid flow in a reservoir? (a) bounding surface (b) fault plane (c) hiatuses (d) mud layers (e) all of the above 27. Sand dunes are typically asymmetric in shape due to the wind having a preferred direction. The side of the dune that is downwind is where the sand is usually deposited. This side is called (a) the stoss side (b) the lee side (c) the back side (d) the sandy side (e) the dip side
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