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2-20 A application requires the support of an axial load of 100 kips with a round rod without exceeding the yield strength of the material. Assume the current cost per pound for round stock is given in the table below for several materials that are being considered. Material properties are available in Tables A 5. A-20, A-21, and A24. Select one of the materials for each of the following additional design goals (a) Minimize diameter (b) Minimize weight (c) Minimize cost. (d) Minimize axial deflection. Materia 1020 HR 1020 CD 1040 Q&T @800F 4140 Q&T @800°F Wrought Al 2024 T3 Titanium ally (Ti-6Al-4V) Cost/lbf S0.27 $0.30 $0.35 S0.80 St 10 ST.00
Mechanical Properties of Three Non-Steel Metals (a) Typical Properties of Gray Cast Iron IThe American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) numbering system for gray cast iron is such thait the numbers comespond to the minimum tensile strength in kpsi. Thus an ASTM No. 20 cast iron has a minimum tensile st of several heats.) th of 20 kpsi. Note particularly that the tabulations are typicel Fatigue Tensile Compressive Modulus of ASTMStrength Strength of RuptureElasticity, Mps Modulus Endurance Limit Brinell Hardness He 156 174 Concentration Factor Ki Number Su kpsi S.. kpsi u, kpsiTension Torsion Skpsi 9.6-14 3.9-5.6 11.5-14.84.6-60 13-1645.2-6.6 14.5-17.2 5.8-69 16-20 6.4-7.8 18.8-22.87.2-8.0 204-23.5 7.8-85 10 11.5 14 16: 18.5 21.5 24.5 1.00 1.05 109 124 140 164 187.5 48.5 212 235 . 42.5 1.25 73 88.5 1.50 Polished or machined specimens.
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