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23. Protostome characteristics include all of the following except B) indeterminate cleavage. A) schizocoelous development. E) a mouth that develops fr What would be the most effective method of reducing the incidence of bloo A) Reduce the freshwater snail population. B) Purify all drinking wate D) Avoid contact with rodent droppings. E) Reduce the mosquito pe C) solid masses of mesodermal tissue that split and form the body cavity D) spiral cleavage. 24 population? C) Carefully wash all raw fruits and vegetables. 25. Most animals exhibit the following structures or functions except A) nervous and muscle tissue. B) unique types of intercellular junctions, such as tight junctions and gap junctions. C) autotrophic nutrition. D) sexual reproduction. E) multicellularity 26. Which of the following is an incorrect association of an animal germ layer with th which it gives rise? A) ectoderm-outer covering B) endoderm-internal lining of digestive tract C) mesoderm-nervous system D) mesoderm-muscle ) endoderm-internal linings of liver and lungs Both animals and fungi are heterotrophic. What distinguishes animal heterotrophy fro t only animals derive their nutrition from organic matter. y preying on animals. y ingesting it. consuming living, rather than dead, prey using enzymes to digest their food. Which of the following fuut
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