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24. Reynolds number for a wing equals 10 000 000. Which boundary layer type is the most probable on the surface of the wing? (1) 100% laminar (3) 90% laminar 10% turbulent (4) almost 100% turbulent (2) 70% laminar and 30% turbulent 25. Two wings have equal area, shape and airfoil. First wing aspect ratio equals 25, second wing aspect ratio equals 5. Which of the wings will be less efficient in the terms of drag? Shortly describe why. 26. You are given a square cross-section shown below. Optimize the shape to reduce aerodynamic drag. Name the drag component you reduced 27. You are given an airfoil at angle of attack α is the most important here? 2 deg, which drag component 28. Draw the approximate air motion pattern for a finite aspect ratio wing

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