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244 SECTION 2 Jobs and Labor HR Understanding Errors in Selection Decision Making some qualified people might not be hired. In either zistrators and test takers want to in believe the case, the company would not be making the best When using any kind of test, both test admin- results and rely on them when making deci- hiring decisions, and employee performance sions. Think about a medical test, for example. would probably be lower than if the test were If a patient has taken a screening test for diabe- more aocurate. Look at the graph below. There are tes, a resuit that is accurate will help the patient four quadrants tided A B, C, and D. and physician determine what to do. If the test results are negative, the patient would believe that he does not have diabetes and would go on^ iving life as before. Alternatively, if the results are positive, the patient would consult with his physician to plan out a oourse of treatment. The decision made by the patient clearly depends on the results of the test-which he trusts are accurate. The same thing occurs when we use tests to help us make hining decisions. Errors in testing can and do occur. Two different types of errors in particular can happen-false positive and false negative. Results of solaction tost In the preceding example, how would things n quadrant A, the results of the selection change for our patient if the test results test indicate that the applicant will not perform were inaccurate? If the results of the test well on the job. However, if the person were are negative but in fact the patient does have hired anyway, he would turn out to be a high diabetes, then his health will suffer because performer. Thats the false negative. In quadrant of lack of treatment. This is a false negative, B, the results of the selection test indicate when the test results incorrectly indicate that that the applicant will be a high performer. the individual does not have some condition. The person is hired and he is, in fact, a high Conversely. if the results of the test are positive performer. Thats a correct decision, a true but the patient does notealy have diabetes, positive. Now its your turn, so answer the he will treat a condition that he does not have following questions: and perhaps become ill. This is a false positive, when the test results incorrectly indicate that the individual does have some condition. 1. Can you explain the results in quadrants Think about this in terms of employment 2. What are the implications to those making testing. If a company administers a test that results in inaccurate assessment of applicants, the number of false positive and false then some unqualified people might be hired andnegative results? selection decisions? How can we reduce KEY COMPETENCIES: Critical Evaluation, HR Expertise: People/Talent Acquisition & Retention; OrganizationvTechnology & Data

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