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(2.5 points) Imagine you are a statistician who has been hired by Oracle to model its decision makinq process. Proposals travel from one of two individuals (I1, 12) through the managers and then goes to the directors. The division has two managers (M1, M2) and two directors (D1,D2). The rule of propagations are: 1. It is extremely difficult to find both the managers free at any point of time but it is always ensured that exactly one of them is free. Same is the case with the directors 2. Therefore, the decision is processed through the manager and the director available at any given time. The sample space in this situation is: {11 MI DI, II MI D2, 11 M2 DI, 11 M2 D2, 12 MI DI, 12 M1 D2, 12 M2 D1, I2 M2 D2) Consider the following events. No work is required for this problem A The proposal was seen by both manager 1 and director B The proposal was written by individual 2. C The proposal was seen by manager 2 but was either reviewed by director 1 or director 2. (1.5 pts.) a) List the outcomes for each of A, B, and C. (1 pt.) b) List the outcomes of the events A U B and A n B.l

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