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25. The sales patiern for Sun Inc, an electronic component manafachuring company in Japan looks like the following Jan 2300 units Feb 2350 units March 800 units April 2200 units May 2400 units An unanticipated earthquake that disrupted peoduction in that month caused the deop in sales in March. The forecaster for Suan Ine is trying to choose from several 3 months moving average forecasts for June, based on different weighting systems. Which one of the following weighting schemas would you recommend to him, coeaidering the situation? a. March, April, May: 0.33, 0.33,0.34, respoctively b. March, April, May: 0.1, 0.4,0.5, respectively c. March, April, May: 0.8,0.2,0.1, respectively d. March, April, May 0.5, 0.3,02, respectively 26. Kims Nail Salon uses a weighted moving average method to forecast demand. She assigns a weight of 5 to the previous month s demand, 3 to demand two months ago, and 2 to demand three months ago. If demand was 800 customers in April, 900 customers in May, 1,200 customers in June, and 2,000 customers in July, what should her forecast for August be? a. 910 b. 1400 c. 1540 d. 1210 Could using the moving average forecast method result in a forecast that is greater than all of the single historical (past) data figures that were used in preparing the forecast? 27. a. Yes b. No 28. A company finds that its forecasts, using an a of 0.20, are becoming increasinghy inaccurate (error is increasing). What should they best do, given the options below? (Error Actual demand minus forecast) a. increase value of alpha b. decrease value of alpha c. stay with the same alpha d. consult the predict your future for $5 shop across the street 1/17/2019 Page 8
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