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2.5.2. Let S = 12.3} × {-2.-1.0}, and let T, be the set of all ordered pairs (x,y) E Z × Z such that -2 < r+ 2y < 3. Prove that SCT. Does equality hold? Explain.2.5.8. Let A = 1-1, 11, B = ( Find the sets A Use the interval notation, and the symbols { , }, U, φ, oo and π only. -π, π) , C-2.00) and U-R be the universal set . nC, Acn B, (BnC)n Z and B A2.5.10. For each statement, decide whether it is true or false (for any sets A, B, C). Draw a Venn diagram to support your answer 2017 Shay Fuchs. All rights reserved 45 2.5. EXERCISES FOR CHAPTER 2 CHAPTER 2. SETS, FUNCTIONS AND THE FIELD AXIOMS (c) (AUB)nC- AU(BnC) (f) (A B)c = Ac BC2.5.14. Give an example of a set A, for which An [1,4] An N and A Zメφ.2.5.21. Prove the following set identities

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