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2-86 One of the widely used correlations to describe the variation of the viscosity of gases is the power-law equation given by ulyo-(TITo, where o and To are the reference viscosity and temperature, respectively Using the power and Sutherland laws, examine the variation of the air viscosity for the temperature range 100°C (373 K) to 1000°C (1273 K). Plot your results to compare with values listed in Table A-9. Take the reference temperature as 0°C and n 0.666 for the atmospheric air Notes and Add1 Questions: The Sutherland Law can be found in the text book on p. 53 (Eq. 2-36). To get full credi you should use Excel or some other program to create a table and graph that show the Power-law and Sutherland law data sets as lines and the experimental measurements from Table A-9 as individual data points (similar to the sample plot shown below). Which model fits the experimental data more closely? How could using a model that does not match reality affect designing an air pump to flow air? Fit Plot for Miles Per Gallon 60-0 40 20 100 400 500
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