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230°C 0 Resistance heater FIGURE P2-92 2-93 Consider a long solid cylinder of radius ro=4 cm and thermal conductivity k 25 W/m-K. Heat is generated in the ylinder uniformly at a rate of ègen-35 W/cm. The side sur- ace of the cylinder is maintained at a constant temperature of 80°C. The variation of temperature in the cylinder is iven by T(r)eno
on this relation, determine (a) if the heat conduction is a ady or transient, (b) if it is one-, two-, or three-dimensional, A and (c) the value of heat flux on the side surface of the cylinder atr= ro. 2-94 Reconsider Prob. 2-93 . Using the relation ob- tained for the variation of temperature in the cyl- inder, plot the temperature as a function of the radius r in the range of r = 0 to r = ro, and discuss the results. Use the EES (or other) software. 2-95 A cylindrical nuclear fuel rod of 1 cm in diameter is en- cased in a concentric tube of 2 cm in diameter, where cooling water flows through the annular region between the fuel rod k30 Wle vnd d tho concentric tuhe, Heat is generated2-93
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