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Probability: Problem Set 1 Directions: 1. Solve the following problems. on your own paper. Do not write answers on this page. Show your work AND explain your reasoning using complete English sentences. Explanations must directly follow the solution for each part of the problem. Hand write your solutions and explanations 2. 3. You must write your name on the top right of the paper you turn in. 4. You must write the title of this problem set on the top of your paper. 5. Turn in your solutions following the directions in the assignment information on Canvas. . A jar on your desk contains twelve black, eight red, ten yellow, and five green jellybeans. You pick a jellybean without looking. a. [2 pt] What is the probability that the jellybean is red? Write your answer [2 pt] What is the probability that the jellybean is not green? Write your [2 pts]What are the odds in favor of picking a yellow jellybean? as a fraction b. answer as a fraction. c. 2. Assume that your game piece is on North Carolina Avenue and that there are hotels (that are not yours!) on Park Place and Boardwalk. You roll a pair of dice on your next turn. Hint: North Carolina Avenue, Park Place, and Boardwalk are all on the right side of the game board below [2 pts] What are the odds that you lil MONOPOLY a. land properties? on one of these n. b. [2 pts] What is the probability that you avoid these properties on your next move? Write your answer as a fraction Probability Problem Set I 2a and 2b. According to the directions

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