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The accounting records for Frankies Fixtures report the following production costs for the past year: Direct Materials Direct Labor Variable Overhead $654,000 535,000 469,000 Production was 286,000 units. Fixed manufacturing overhead was $731,000 For the coming year, costs are expected to increase as follows: direct materials costs by 20 percent, excluding any effect of volume changes; direct labor by 4 percent, and fixed manufacturing overhead by 10 percent. Variable manufacturing overhead per unit is expected to remain the same Required (a) Prepare a cost estimate for a volume level of 296,000 units of product this year. (Do not round your intermediate computations. Round your final answers to nearest whole dollar amount.) Cost Item This Years Cost Direct materials Direct labor Variable overhead Fixed overhead Total costs (b) Determine the costs per unit for last year and for this year. (Round your answers to 2 decimal places.) Costs Per Unit Last year This year

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