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3) A 24-inch long horizontal cantilever beam is made of Steel Custom 465 and is subjected to a vertical 1500 lb transverse tip load. For the following cases calculate and plot the moment diagram, the stress distribution on the upper surface, and the margin of safety diagram along the beams length. Calculate the weight. 1,500 lb 24 1 a.) Low-cost design: Assume the beam has a solid rectangular cross section 2 high by1 wide as shown b.) Minimum weight design: Starting with the aluminum bar from part (a), and holding the beam length and width constant, calculate the required thickness (height) distribution so the beam has minimum weight and is safe (MS 0. How much weight has been saved? Note: For this calculation, you can neglect the required minimum thickness effect based u the beam tip (stress due to bending only) pon shear stress atMaterial A1 1100 (anneal Al 7075-T6 Steel Custom 465 28.8 E (106 1b/in2) 10.0 10.4 a, (103 lb/in) 3.5 77.0 230 Съ (10-1bin2 11.0 85.0 250 p (lbin 0.100 0.098 0.283

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