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3. A motor (not shown) is connected by a belt to pulley B. The shaft delivers the power to pulley A, which is connected by a belt to a load (not shown). The system is in steady state operation i.e., rotating at a constant speed). Dimensions are as follows: 180 mm 100 mm 250 mm27 mm 380 mm 190 mm T. Assume that the bearings at O and C are perfect (i.e., frictionless). (a) Tensile forces in the belt around pulley B are T 1600 N and T2-200 N The shaft spins at 800 rpm. Determine the power delivered by the shaft in correct SI units. b) On pulley A the tensile force T-900 N. Determine the tensile force T3. (c) Do the statics problem and find the reactions at bearing O and C. d) Draw shear and bending moment diagrams for the shaft from O to A (e) Find the location (x-position) of the maximum bending stress. Also find the magnitude of the maximum bending stress. Find the torsional stress at that same location and draw a perspective picture of a stress element at that location showing all non-zero stress components. (f) For the previous stress state, draw Mohrs circle and find the three principal (g) Assuming the shaft is 1018 cold-drawn steel, determine the safety factor by the Maximum Shear Stress Theory (h) Determine the safety factor by the Distortion Energy Theory (i) Are the two values found above consistent with our views about the conser vative/daring nature of each theory? G) Determine the required diameter of shaft OBCD so that the safety factor would be 3.0, using the distortion energy theory

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