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Question: 3 a typical empty twoliter pop bottle weighs 42 grams...

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3. A typical empty two-liter pop bottle weighs 42 grams and is made of PET a) How many mers does it contain? b) Give two reasons for using PET as the polymer for packaging soft drinks c) What is the primary type of bonding along the PET chains? What is the primary bonding mode between chains? Which of these two bonding types has the greatest effect on the melting temperature? d) Make a calculation to determine if PET would be a good material to replace the wood core of a snowboard if you wanted to minimize deflection for a cantilevered board (imagine a boarder edging off of a cliff). Hints: The deflection, S, of the cantilevered board is given by m3 where F is force due to the boarder, L is board length, b is board width, m is board mass,pis board density, and E is board modulus. Think about why there are two different brackets given for deflection in this equation.

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