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radioacive souare on a dinosaur dig (lucky) and ned o duc the fGsis vou radioactive isotopes in the table below would you use? Why? y) and need to date the fossils you find. Which of the Radioactive Element Half-Life (years) Carbon-14 Potassium- 40 Rubidium-87 Uranium-238 Uranium-235 Bervllium-10 5.770 1.3 Billion 48.8 Billion 4.5 Billion 100 Million 1.5 Million 4. For the same table above. choose an element and draw (in the space below) a graph of the element over time, up to 6 half-lives. Be sure to label the axes and include the daughter product (you should have two separate lines). What is the maximum age of fossil that your element could be used to date? Why?

#3 and #4 PLS

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