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Question: 3 ideal gas law states that pv mrt where p...

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3. Ideal Gas Law states that pV- mRT, where p represents the pressure at which the gas is subjected in Pa, Vis the volume occupied by the gas in m, T is the absolute temperature of the gas in K, m is the mass of the gas in kg, and R is the constant of the gas. Provided that Ideal Gas Law is used to determine the pressure in a given gas by means of measuring the dimensions of the gas container to determine its volume, using a thermocouple to measure the gas temperature, and using a precision scale to find the mass of the gas, determine the maximum possible percentage error in the gas pressure (dpp %) if it is known that the percentage error in the volume, temperature and mass measurements are 0.8 %, 0.3 %, and 0.75 %, respectively.
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