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3. In this problem we are going to do some analysis to help solve a crime. In fact, just we wil be able to produce a result in just a few like in procedural shows like CSI, minutes (at least thats the hope). You have been called in as a consultant for the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) Crime Scene Division which is investigating an alleged homicide. The body was found at 5 pm in a room where the temperature is 20°C. Being an engineer, you take some measurements and estimate the heat transfer coefficient in the the room to be about 8 W/m2-K. Additional measurements show that the body is about 1.70 m tall and has a temperature of about 25°C. You can assume that since the human body is primarily made up of water, the physical properties of the body are those of water (f)-996 kg/1n3, c 4.178 kJ/kg-K, k 0.617 W/m-K). Treating the body as a 30 cm diameter cylinder, and assuming the individual was ealthy prior to their sad demise, estimate the time of death.

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