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3. Let A, A2, Ai, and Ao be the last 4 non-zero digits of your student ID. Define signal x(t) as: otherwise Accurately plot the following signals over appropriate ranges of t: I should be able to clearly and easily determine signal start and end times from your plot. MATLAB provides a great way to obtain accurate plots, but you should also hand compute critical times (e.g., signal start and end times) to ensure you understand the various scaling operations (a) ya(t)-2r(t)3 (b) yo(t)-2r(t +3) (c) ye(t)(-2t) +3 (d) yalt)(-2t +3) (f) ye(t)-g(t) g) y(t)ya(t) + y(t)e(t) ya(t) + ye(t) yt). For this part only, t is permissible to simply provide a MATLAB plot of the result (no hand calculations necessary of start/stop times necessary).

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