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3 Optimum Health Inc. provides diet, fitness, and nutrition services to clients who want a healthier lifestyle. The company customizes a program for each client based on their individual goals that includes diet recommendations (prepackaged food and supplements), nutrition counseling, and guided fitness (personal training). The company uses a modified job order cost system that keeps track of the cost of the food, vitamins, and nutritional supplements the company provides to each client, as well as the amount of time nutrition and fitness consultants spend with each client. Optimum applies all indirect operating costs (e.g., rent, utilities, and management salaries) as a percentage of the consultants labor cost. During the most recent year, the firm estimated that it would pay $160,000 to its consultants and incur indirect operating costs of $240,000. Actual consultant labor costs were $175,000 and actual indirect operating costs were $230,000. The cost records for three of Optimums clients are summarized below: JudyTom Elizabeth Food and nutritional supplements Nutritional counseling ($19 per hour) Personal fitness training ($24 per hour) Indirect operating costs $400 S 1,200 S 200 228 960 190 480 380 720 Required 1. Comput e the predetermined overhead rate mined Overhead Rate 150190 2. Determine the total cost of serving each client. Tom Elizabeth Total Cost of Serving 2,0753,95 3,1703. Assume the company charges clients an up-front fee of $360. Food and nutritional supplements are priced at 20 percent above cost. Clients are charged $52 per hour for consulting services (both nutrition counseling and personal training). Determine the profitability of each client. Judy Tom Elizabeth Profitability

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