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3. Solar Thermal Collector. Copper tubing is joined to the absorber of a flat-plate solar collector. The aluminum alloy absorber with a k- 180 W/mK is 6 mm thick and well insulated on its bottom The top surface of the plate is separated from a transparent cover plate by an evacuated space. The tubes are spaced a distance L 0.2 m from each other and water is circulated through the tubes to remove the collected energy. The water may be assumed to be at a uniform temperature of Tw 55 °C. Assume that the temperature of the absorber plate directly above a tube is equal to that of the water due to the high thermal conductivity of copper and aluminum alloy. (a) Under steady-state operating conditions for which the net solar radiation heat flux to the surface is Cover plate Evacuated space Absorber plate 600 W/m2, determine the rad temperature distribution as a function of the distance x between two copper tubes (b) What is the maximum temperature on the plate? qrad Water Insulation

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