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3) Stress Calculation for a box and I cross section beam For the beam shown below (Fig. 6,7 and 8) calcul g and tabulate your data in Table 1 for case 1 and case 2. Apply the following data for ate the stress at the location 1,2, 3, 4 and both I cross section beam and Box cross section beam: Fig. 6: Beam dimension and sensor locations. 6.4 mm 4.5 mm 43 mm 48 mm 101.5 mm 5.5 mm 100 mm 76 mm Fig. 7: Cross section properties of (a) I Cross section and (b) Box cross sections ARC2001 1 Laboratory Session #2 ТРЗ 2018-19 Page 6 of 11
115 mm Mass- 25 kg Mass- 9.7 kg 115.5 mm 115.5 mm Fig. 8: Load distribution for (a) rectangular distribution (b) triangular distributed Note: To find the location of the application of the load, align the distributed loads on top of the beam so that their bottom left corner is at the distance of 0.3 m from left side of the beam.
Following tables to be completed by students prior to commencing the prac. calculations at the end of the report. Show you Table 1: Calculated values Case 1: Normal stress calculation for box cross section beam under distributed load Rectangular Distributed Load Moment (Nm2) Stress (Pascals) Moment (Nm) Triangular Distributed Load Sensors Stress (Pascals) 2 3 9 Case 2: Normal stress calculation for I cross section beam under distributed load Sensors. -Moment (N m2)|Stress(Pascals) -Moment(N/m2)LStress (Pascals) Rectangular Distributed Load Triangular Distributed Load 2
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