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3. The ideal gas law PV nRT is a basic concept covered in introductory chemistry classes. In practice, more accurate P-V-T relationships of gases are available. The following Beattie- Bridgeman equation is one example: Arrange this equation in fourth order polynomial in V. For the values of R, a1, a2, a3, the volume V for any temperature T and pressure P can be determined from the real roots of the polynomial. For a particular gas a1-1.06, a2-0.057, and a3--0.00011. If the pressure P equals 25 atm, then the temperature T equals 293 K, and R - 0.082 liter- atm/K-g mole. Find the appropriate value of volume V. Think how you are going to make an initial approximation for V to apply Bisection method. 4. Use incremental search method for part (a) and the bisection method for part (b) to find the smallest positive root of each of the following functions: e 2-sinl2x) ( (b) cos(Bx) +1-e
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