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3. Trigonometry a) There are two flags on a flag pole. The upper flag is an isosceles triangle and the lower flag is a right triangle. Both flags have a shared length along the flag pole of 7 ft and the width of the lower flag is 3 ft. The angle of the point of the upper flag α is 16 degrees and the angle of the point of the lower flag β is 45 degrees. Find the length of the side of the upper flag that are not attached to the flag pole. 7 Pt 3PA b) You are sailing off the coast of New England when it becomes foggy and you decide to moor for the night. You lay anchor 0.6 nautical miles off shore from a light house that you are able to see the top of through the fog. Using a sextant you determine the angle to the top of the light house is 12 degrees and you check your logs and they say the light house is on top of 13 meter high cliff. How tall is the light house in feet?

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