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3. We have shown that the temperature at the end of the intake stroke (Tı) is a function of the pressure ratio between intake pressure and the exhaust pressure (Pi/Pe), the residual gas fraction Ø, the exhaust temperature (T), and the specific heat ratio (γ): Determine the net thermal efficiency (n), residual gas fraction (f), and the temperature after the intake stroke (Tı) of the following engine operating under an ideal four-stroke Otto cycle. The engine is throttled with an intake pressure of P-50 kPa and an inlet temperature T-300 K. The exhaust pressure is Pe-100 kPa and the compression ratio r-10. The heat addition qin-2,500 kJ/kg and y-1.3. (Hint: the solution can be found by iteration and trials and errors following through the steps from the lecture note finite heat release model e-i-1-2-3-4-5. Assume values for fand Te in order to determine all relevant parameters. Check with the assumed values and make sure that improvements be made to reach converged solutions. Since there are two guessed values, numerical optimization schemes are usually needed. In the present case, use T-1,300 K as your initial guesses value for faster convergence. Also note that f is usually very smaller (0.1>f>0). Show steps how you reach the final converging solution.

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