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Question: 3 you implement the plan and this works well there...

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3. You implement the plan, and this works well. There are some slight adjustments to be made but overall the calm and relaxed environment your philosophy talks about now actually exists where the routine is concerned!! 

However, it has highlighted some issues that need to be resolved with one staff member in the room. This staff member was using inappropriate techniques to handle food. You have observed other staff during meal times and everyone else is following correct procedures.

a) After training the staff member, it is clear she knows what to do to handle food in an appropriate way. However, inappropriate food-handling techniques continue. She tells you all these processes are just a waste of time – after all, no one has ever been sick yet!! You now need to review her performance in line with the service’s performance management process

Consult your staff management process of the service you are working in(childcare center). Outline the steps you will take to manage this issue. Include steps for support, mediation, and debriefing in your answer

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