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Question: 30 septemberx2 5 stamfo rd bhd has in issue 10...

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30 Septemberx,2 5. Stamfo rd Bhd has in issue 10 million fully paid ordinary shares, 4 million ordinary shares which are 50% paid and RM5 million fully paid 75% convertible cumulative preference shares. Preference shares are converible into ordinary shares at a rate of 5:4, meaning five preference shares become four ordinary shares. On 1 January x7, the company issued employee share options of 1 millon shares. The exercise price was RM3 per share. On 1 April x8, the unpaid capital on the 4 million shares was called up and was fully paid. On 1 July x8, half of the preference shares were converted into ordinary hares.
Profit after tax for x7 was RM2 million and for x8 it w as RM2.2 2 million Average price of one ordinary share was RM5 in x7 and RM7 50 Tax rate is 25%. in x8 Required: Compute the companys basic and diluted EPS 31 December x7 and x8. for the years ended
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