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31 Chapt building a Steinway, when you meet somebody for the first time and they ooh and ahh: You build Steinways? Wow. Youre automatically put on a higher level, andperspective? you go, I didnt realize I was that notable Steinway proce and in what w Case Questions 1. Explain the process by which a Steinway grand Case Referenc Steinway & Sons, T www.steinway.com piano is constructed as a subsystem of a larger system. From what the text tells you, give some examples of how the production subsystem is Steinway & Sons, steinway.com, acces (Boston), Note by affected by the management, financial, and mar- keting subsystems. Discuss the Steinway process in terms of the sys- tems perspective of organizations summarized in Figure 1.4. Explain the role of each of the three elements highlighted by the figure-inputs fronm the environment, the transformation process, and outputs into the environment 1037, www.wgbh.c Maya Roney, Steiny Song. BusinessWeek accessed on July 27, 2 Many Languages, One Times, www.nytimes.c Michael Lenchen. K 2 Grand Atlantic Mont 2. 3. Discuss some of the ways the principles of behavsherwinbeach.com acae ioral management and operations management can throw light on the Steinway process. How about the contingency perspective? In what ways does thewww.richardhugn Rick Rogers, Steinway i tive Pianos.Dully Oa Addeadar AWESOME
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