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Question: 32 approximate log102 by converging on the root of x10...

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3.2 Approximate log102 by converging on the root of (x)-10 -2 -0 BY HAND using the three 7 pts methods below, actually calculating and tabulating values for x, Ax) and )as appropriate Do two iterations for each method, accurate to at least 4 decimals. Of course by-hand means you can still use your calculator for all the hard arithmetic (multiplying and dividing), but I want to see all your steps: write out the formulae you are using and key values as you iterate so we can confirm youre doing the process correctly. (i) Bisection: start with the bracket a 0, b 1 and calculate x, and x2, clearly showing how the as and/or bs are changing after both iterations. (i) Secant: start with x, 0, x21. Calculate x andx (ii) N-R: start with x 1. Calculate x and x using the exact value x = logo2 = 0.30103, compare the error in the final iteration of x,between all three methods and rank how well each did for this case (worst to best).

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