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Question: 333 both a and b im not exactly sure what...

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3.33 both A and B. I’m not exactly sure what it means bybcomoressive and tensile stress. I think it means where the moments will add compressive and tensile to the greatest value. Again I’m looking for the steps for both A and B.
20 in 3 in Preblem 3.32 3 The 2.0-in-diameter solid steel shaft shown is simply supported at the ends Two pulleys are keyed to the shaft where pulley B is of diameter 4.0 in and pulley C is of diameter 8.0 irn. a) Neglecting stress concentrations, determine the locations and magnitudes of the greatest tensile, compressive, and shear stresses in the shaft. (b) Determine the bending deflection of point B on the shaft. A 10 in 10 in 200 lb C10 in 1000 lb 500 lb 100Ib Problem 3.33
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