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Question: 34 tracheal system for gas exchange is found in which...

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34. Tracheal system for gas exchange is found in which organism? A. Crustacean 8. Earthworm. C. Insect. D. Jellyfish. E. Vertebrates. 35. What is the best definition of a coelom? A. The cavity within a tubular gut B. The cavity that surrounds the gut C. A one-way tube D. A cavity completely surrounded by mesoderm. E. The space occupied by blood in an open system. 36. The of tape worm contain both male and female sex organs and becomes filled with developing embryos. A. Scolex. B. Cysts C. Proglottids. D. Gastrovascular cavity. E. Nematocysts 37. Flukes are parasitic worms whose hosts during the larval stage are usually A. Aquatic insects. B. Cyprinid fishes. C. Humans. D. Amphibians. E. Snails 38. Animals are distinct among multicellular organisms because A. Their cells lack cell walls and are flexible. B. They can move rapidly and in more complex ways than members in their eukan kingdoms. C. They develop from a zygote in a characteristic embryonic development. D. They show great diversity in size, form and structure. E. All of the above.
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