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36. Select the correct text in the passage. If the following is a subclass of the superclass Automobile, which method of the superclass does it overwrite? Select the method header public class Car extends Automobile public class Automobile public String model; public int doors public Car(String modelName, int doorsArg) public double mileage, maxSpeed public boolean forSale public Automobile() mileage 50000.0; forSaletrue; super(); model modelName doors doorsArg public void setMileage(double t) mileage t; return public void changeModel(String newModel) public void turnOffSale() model newModel; return: forSale false; return public void display Status() public void turnOn Sale) if (forSale) System.out.printin(Vehicle is for sale); System.out.printin(Model:+this.model); System.out.printin(Mileage is +this.mileage); System.out.printin(Max speed isthis.max Speed) else System.out.printin(Vehicle is not for sale): forSaletrue; return; public void display Status(0 if (forsale) System.outprintin(Vehicle is for sale); System.out.printin(Mileage is+mileage); System.out.printin(Max speed is max Speed) else f System.out.printin(Vehicle is not for sale); public void displayMileage) System.out.printin(Mileage is +this.mileage); return Select... Select... public AutomobileO public void setMileage(double t) public void turnOffSale0 public void turnOnSaleO public void displayStatusO

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