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36. Which of the following is NOT a typical ground for rescinding a contract? a. Fraud b. Mutual mistake of fact Mutual mistake of value c. d. Duress e. Undue influence 37. In her life insurance policy, Laurel names Jones as the payee when Laurel (the insured) dies. Jones is known as a(n) a. Donee beneficiary b. Incidental beneficiary c. Creditor beneficiary d. Unintentional beneficiary e. None of the above Widget Painters, Inc. agrees to paint Ashfords house, using a particular brand of discount paint. Widget completes the job but uses a different brand of discounted paint. This is most likely a. A complete excuse for Ashfords refusal to pay b. A material breach c. Complete performance d. Substantial performance e. None of the above 38. Xpert Design Company and Acme Cleaning Service Acme and Acme agrees to pay Xpert for this service. Xpert and Acme have made a. An express contract b. An implied-in-fact contract c. An implied-in-law contract d. A quasi contract e. No contract s, Inc. sign a document that states Xpert agrees to design a Web page for 39. Which of the following is a type of equitable remedy that may be available in an action for breach of contract if a legal remedy does not provide adequate relief? 40. a. b. c. d. e. Injunction Reformation Specific performance All of the above A and C only
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