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366 SECTION 3 Talent Development HR Goals Guide Performance at Mitchell International and Tornier Organizations do their best to take company efforts. Several select company goels are identi- level goals and cascade them down to em fied based on information oollected from stake- ployees so that they can perform in ways that hoders. These objectives are then compared to support these objectives. To do this effectively, the companys current situation to determine organizations have to focus on the actions that what needs to happen so that Tornier moves wil ensure that goels are implemented correctly in the proper direction. A company-wide suc Adequate commurication is a big part of this pro cess tree or a written game plan in outline cess, so managers need to learn to constantly form) is created based on the key goals identi- discussing business objectives with employees, fied, and unique success trees are created for rather than simply relying on appraisal meetings each individual employed in the organization. hat occur a few times a year. Good planning is The branches of these success trees show also important so that employees understand how the differences between desired situa- the most important goals for which they will be tions and current situations can be reconciled held acoountable. The San Diego-based software service This ensures clarity in the goal-setting process company Mitchell International uses techno and increases personal accountability for goal ogy to help communicate goals and manage accomplishment. In addition, Tornier assesses employee job performance. Workers enter their performance before and after actions are taken goals into an interactive software package, and to support business goals, which provides mea- these goals become the source of frequent surement of progress conversations that occur between and employees. Managers are provided tem Intemational and Tornier, consider the following plates that help provide direction to the one-n questions: one conversations with workers, some of which may occur as frequenty as every two weeks. The HR department also oommunicates infor employee objectives? How can HR mation about the companys strategic interests, which can be used to guide the performance 2. How do you recommend organizations management process. managers Based on the practices used by Mitchell 1. How should corporate goals be linked use technology to enhance performance The Amsterdam-based medical device anagement? Does technology complicate organization Tornier also uses an innovative al-setting, and if so, what should be done approach to link corporate goals to employees o use technology more effectively?

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