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39 40 the O Alabama. Kentucky, New Mexico, and O Alabama, Arizona, New Mexico, and South Dakota O Alabama. Kentucky. West Virginia, and South Dakota Alabama, Kentucky, New Mexico, and South Dakota O True O Fase O True O True O False
17 1819 39 40 42 26 27 28 QUESTION 36 Act. o True O False QUESTION 37 s the official schedule of a court and the events in cases pending before a court O docket O pleading O brief O service QUESTION 38 O data use QUESTION 39 What are the four privacy torts that still exist today? 。in the US Constitution, the First Amendment. Third Amendment, Fourth Amendment and Fifth Amendment O ECPA. Privacy Act. E-Government Act, and Patriot Act O intrusion into seclusion, portrayal in a false light, appropriation of ikeness or identity, and public disclosure of private facts o right to privacy, reasonable person standard, fair information practice principles, and the Wiretap Act
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