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39. A customer service manager at a retail clothing store has collected numerous customer complaints from the forms they fill out on merchandise returns. To analyze trends or patterns in these returns, she has organized these complaints into a small number of sources or factors. This is most closely related to the tool of TQM A) Taguchi loss function scatter diagram D) histogram E) process control chart 40. A quality circle holds a brainstorming session and attempts to identify the factors responsible for flaws in a product. Which tool do you suggest they use to organize findings? Ishikawa diagram Pareto chart C) process chart D) control charts E) activity chart 41. Which of the following is true regarding the concept of flexibility? A) It is the ability to change production rates with little penalty in time, cost, or customer value. B) It can be accomplished with sophisticated electronic equipment. it may involve modular, movable, even cheap equipment All of the above are true ) None of the above is true 42. Making environmentally sound products through efficient processes A) is unprofitable, as long as recyclable materials prices are soft s known as lean manufacturing can still be profitable E) none of the above Which of the following is not one of the essential ingredients for mass ve processes than for productfocused processes 43. stomization? storage of the many variations of finished goods to quickly accommodate the high level of customization B) personnel and facility flexibility C) reliance on modular design D) rapid throughput E) very effective scheduling
4 The use of information technology to monitor and control a physical processis as process control ) computer-aided design C) information numeric control D) numeric control E) none of the above 45. Which of the following is typical of process control systems? including warning lights or statistical A) The output may take numerous forms process control charts B) The data are analyzed by computer, which C) Their sensors take measurements on a periodic basis generates feedback The sensors measurements are digitized all of the above 46. In mass service and service factory quadrants of the service process matrix, the operations manager could focus on all of the following except A) automation B) standardization C) tight quality control removing some services 7 Which of the following is true regarding opportunities to improve service A) Automation can do little to improve service processes, because services are so personal B) Layout is of little consequence, since services seldom use an assembly line cr a work force is strongly committed, it need not be cross-trained and flexible. All of the above are true. None of the above is true. 48. for improving productivity in services ae self-service, automation, and scheduling ) lean production, strategy-driven investments, automation, and process focus Ci reduce inventory, reduce waste, reduce inspection, and reduce rework D) high interaction, mass customization, service factory, and just-in-time E) none of the above 10
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